1.   After I drank my second glass of blackberry wine, I was no longer angry at Polly for coming home.

2.   Are they still angry or are others angry at them?

3.   As I got to know Russell I began to be angry at this woman who was still causing him misery.

4.   Clara was angry at Harry for putting her in such an awkward position.

5.   My father is angry at me for going away with my family at this terrible time.

6.   Residents still angry at the flood would still be angry at her, to use the best meatball psychology I know.

7.   This was their mother at her worst.

8.   Her voice was strident, she was ready to be angry at anyone.

v. + angry + at >>共13
be 82.39%
get 5.98%
become 4.10%
remain 2.22%
grow 1.88%
seem 1.03%
sound 0.68%
appear 0.51%
believe 0.51%
feel 0.17%
be + angry + p. >>共17
at 37.08%
with 23.23%
about 22.77%
over 11.31%
after 1.38%
for 0.77%
than 0.77%
as 0.54%
in 0.54%
on 0.46%
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