1.   Villagers are angry over a proposed deal which would give owners of a gravel pit the right to build thirty houses.

2.   Mr Cameron warned Mr Clarke that firefighters were angry over the scrapping of their pay formula.

3.   They were angry over her announcement that a leading member of the outgoing left-wing Sandinista government would be retained as head of the army.

4.   Arafat was said by advisers to be very angry over the attack.

5.   Abortion opponents are angry over his naming of at least two moderate, pro-choice Republicans.

6.   Buchanan, who was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame last year, was still angry over his loss to Duran.

7.   But Chavis has left little doubt that he is angry over the way he feels he was treated by the association.

8.   But conservatives were still angry over their losses Wednesday on other provisions aimed, they said, at curbing out-of-wedlock births by directly limiting benefits.

9.   But he was also angry over U.S. arrears to the United Nations.

10.   But right now the mob is angry over the indignities of this round.

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be 84.97%
get 4.05%
grow 4.05%
become 3.47%
remain 2.31%
feel 0.58%
file 0.58%
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at 37.08%
with 23.23%
about 22.77%
over 11.31%
after 1.38%
for 0.77%
than 0.77%
as 0.54%
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