1.   I believe it is our responsibility as business leaders to manage as carefully and as compassionately as we can.

2.   It was glossolalia as performance, and-at least to me-it sounded counterfeit.

3.   Lowry, cackling and scratching, is a hoot as the rooster who lords it over the complaining hens in his roost.

4.   Taxes and the budget are obvious topics as Republicans fashion an economic agenda for the national convention.

5.   The symbolic resources are such things as exclusive rights to access parts of the database, operating system locks, and so on.

6.   They had been classmates as undergraduates at City College of New York and had always stayed in touch.

7.   This is life as a mix of hard feelings, old wounds and some insights into how surprising the heart can be.

8.   This was the situation as the Commonwealth leaders sought to find a formula.

9.   Her vocation is her work as an actress.

10.   The balsam fir is a favorite as a Christmas tree because it is so fragrant.

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use 8.80%
see 5.60%
describe 3.00%
identify 2.31%
take 2.16%
have 2.00%
view 1.97%
be 1.39%
make 1.38%
regard 1.27%
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