91.   I had vanished from the picture because Wellman was angry with me.

92.   I spent much of the seventh grade being angry with President Kennedy.

93.   I was angry with myself.

94.   I was angry with my wife.

95.   I am angry with Wal-Mart, but Ann Moliver Ruben is not.

96.   I was also angry with myself.

97.   I did not file for free agency because I am angry with the Mets.

98.   If you come home drunk, they will be angry with you, but it is so much more important for a parent to have their child be safe.

99.   I understood, but was angry with the boss for not at least interviewing both of us so that he could have heard my ideas for the job.

100.   If you are angry with the jurors over the verdict in the Simpson case, your indignation is misdirected.

v. + angry + with >>共9
be 81.62%
get 7.30%
become 5.95%
grow 1.89%
feel 1.08%
remain 1.08%
appear 0.54%
make 0.27%
stay 0.27%
be + angry + p. >>共17
at 37.08%
with 23.23%
about 22.77%
over 11.31%
after 1.38%
for 0.77%
than 0.77%
as 0.54%
in 0.54%
on 0.46%
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