11.   I was angry with him for trying to delude me.

12.   She is still angry with the suppliers, who she says ruined her by failing to deliver on time.

13.   She was still angry with him, but at the same time, she felt a stirring of interest.

14.   She was still angry with Luke - he had been thoughtless, and surprisingly insensitive.

15.   They also find it hard to cope with men who are angry with them.

16.   Those who played were angry with themselves for making mistakes.

17.   You had every right to be angry with them.

18.   I was angry with her.

19.   There was no point in being angry with him -- he was nothing, nothing but a fool.

20.   It is as if Owen is angry with the sun for its inability to raise the dead.

v. + angry + with >>共9
be 81.62%
get 7.30%
become 5.95%
grow 1.89%
feel 1.08%
remain 1.08%
appear 0.54%
make 0.27%
stay 0.27%
be + angry + p. >>共17
at 37.08%
with 23.23%
about 22.77%
over 11.31%
after 1.38%
for 0.77%
than 0.77%
as 0.54%
in 0.54%
on 0.46%
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