61.   Classmates have said Johnson was angry with an ex-girlfriend, one of those injured in the attack.

62.   Cone was asked if he was angry with the article, and he said he was not.

63.   Cullen said she was not angry with Pharina Peterson, but pitied her.

64.   Dingsdale discussed the situation with the teacher and asked her to explain to Tom that she was not angry with him.

65.   Enriquez said the government had no reason to be angry with the people of Loxicha.

66.   Edward Gamble also declined comment, saying he is angry with the media coverage of his marriage, his attorney said.

67.   Everyone in the government is angry with me, because they think I have revealed bad things about them.

68.   Far from being angry with Microsoft, Dickson said, Quarterdeck sees Microsoft as an ally.

69.   Even as an adult, he was angry with them, believing that they had not loved him enough.

70.   Fewer Americans now say that they are angry with the government.

v. + angry + with >>共9
be 81.62%
get 7.30%
become 5.95%
grow 1.89%
feel 1.08%
remain 1.08%
appear 0.54%
make 0.27%
stay 0.27%
be + angry + p. >>共17
at 37.08%
with 23.23%
about 22.77%
over 11.31%
after 1.38%
for 0.77%
than 0.77%
as 0.54%
in 0.54%
on 0.46%
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