1.   A case conference should consider what will happen in the future if violence occurs.

2.   A few picture postcards casually sent could not be considered remembering in any serious sense.

3.   A local income tax, for instance, was never considered.

4.   A meeting with the Planning Inspectorate considered increasing the number of architect inspectors.

5.   A rich, moist soil and an open situation he considered ideal for producing the best blooms.

6.   A two-pronged helicopter attack with synchronised landings at both camps was considered the best option.

7.   After age thirty-five, contraceptive responsibility was considered a matter of mutual responsibility.

8.   After Deciding that a paper looks, feels and smells to your liking, a few other factors should be considered.

9.   After the bomb threat, it was considered too much of a security risk to let the races go ahead.

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