91.   Clearly, it is important to consider who undertakes this analysis, how, and where it is likely to lead us.

92.   Colour is another important point to consider with fine hair, because it can greatly enhance its appearance.

93.   Community Based Planners will have to consider alternatives to accommodating the needs of those living in more rural areas.

94.   Consider a consumer who is currently active in the information search and deliberation process for a new automobile.

95.   Consider a country that has no commercial or other relations with either of two warring parties.

96.   Consider a film clip showing an aircraft carrier at sea.

97.   Consider a group of guys Married to women more attractive than they are.

98.   Consider a nine-year-old who has never been able to complete household chores consistently.

99.   Consider a photon which is polarised parallel to the optical axis of P,.

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