11.   A lot of people consider macaroni and cheese the ultimate comfort food, but it has never enchanted us.

12.   A performance focus forces everyone to consider the consequences and benefits of changing or not changing.

13.   A special reform commission was appointed to consider their suggestions.

14.   A teacher who has visually handicapped pupils in the class will need to consider these recommendations and implement them as necessary.

15.   After national newspaper headlines about racism in the town, Telford has begun to consider whether there is an undercurrent of prejudice.

16.   After repeated pleas he secured a medical board to consider his case.

17.   After that, the full board will consider the legislation.

18.   After the groups have had time to consider these questions, ask them to share their thoughts with the whole class.

19.   Against that general background I now consider the detailed statutory provisions relating to administrative receivers.

20.   Agency staffers want the Commission to seek a Federal court injunction barring Microsoft from what they consider abusive practices.

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