21.   Air pollution and energy conservation aside, private vehicles also come under attack when we consider rural and urban environments.

22.   Alan tells Jody they will wait for a response until Monday afternoon before they consider their next step.

23.   All consider that good and evil can not be in unison.

24.   All cultures consider it wrong to take a life for no reason.

25.   Also there is the insurance to consider of your personal possessions and the contents of your home.

26.   Also, parents should consider using the resources of the school system whenever possible.

27.   Although described as core troops, you might consider including smaller units of Boar Boyz in a supporting role.

28.   An important factor to consider is the proximity of your lodging to the slopes and to nightlife.

29.   An important practical point to consider when sending out mailings of this kind is to Decide exactly where to send the package.

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