31.   Analysts consider an effective land code to be one of the essential building blocks of a true Western-style Market economy.

32.   And consider buying the same set-up as a friend so you have some one to lean on when things go haywire.

33.   And consider it your duty to sneak off early from work.

34.   And consider the intriguing track record of Globes voters.

35.   And everybody should wonder why land speculators consider Oro Valley a much softer touch when they need a rezoning.

36.   And if there seems to be no improvement at all, consider attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

37.   And the Council of Mortgage Lenders urged all members to consider following suit.

38.   And to judge any variable annuity, you need to consider the whole package -- not the returns on just one fund.

39.   Another problem to consider is that if the people identified for transfer do not go, what happens to their career prospects?

40.   Another question to consider is whether you have any other materials dealing with the same topic.

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