41.   Another reason to consider a moderation-goal option is that a broader range of problem drinkers can be attracted and treated.

42.   Any discussion of space heating should also consider the thermal mass of the house.

43.   Any organization looking to send a message by way of systematic high turnover should consider the grave implications of this cold-blooded approach.

44.   Any site we consider will have its own hinterland, its own catchment area for the feeding of its population.

45.   Are we to teach science but never consider the ethical issues?

46.   As a metaphor, consider the way rocks make their way to the valley floor.

47.   As already mentioned the legislation does not consider low pay as an acceptable reason for turning down a job.

48.   As an illustration of this, consider the following example.

49.   As the original lease had expired, a new Committee was appointed to consider how best to make the garden viable.

50.   As the war enters its final phase, the UN will probably consider lifting sanctions.

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