51.   As we consider the dream of Jacob we find a man who stood alone and facing an uncertain future.

52.   At least, I consider violence an uneconomical way of attaining an end.

53.   At no point throughout his coalition negotiations did Barak consider the Arab parties as potential partners.

54.   At this time of year, when the garden still is a malleable dream, we must nevertheless consider practical realities.

55.   Because of adverse tax consequences, consider owning these bonds in a tax-deferred account.

56.   Because the Bulls were under the salary cap, they were free to make deals other teams could not consider.

57.   Before buying a car you should consider the cost of insuring it.

58.   Before embarking on these widely different topics, however, it is essential to consider volcanoes in their global setting.

59.   Before looking at this group, I will first consider some general trends.

60.   Before making any rash Decisions about your fund you should consider the following points.

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