81.   But the scientists also will consider whether additional wheat fields should be quarantined and destroyed to contain the spores.

82.   But there is another important point to consider.

83.   But they also have a steep learning curve for the uninitiated, which is something to consider before taking the plunge.

84.   But those who dismiss monogamy as a strategy fail to consider the long-term consequences of maintaining a culture of promiscuity.

85.   But when you consider this in the context of its well-weighted precision and speed, it gives little cause for complaint.

86.   Children comparing ideas about keeping healthy could make a class graph showing what they consider contributes to health.

87.   Children develop the capacity to see the view of others, consider intentions, and better adapt to the social world.

88.   Clearly those who run the global economy consider success in that area the prerequisite to meeting all other challenges.

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