91.   Every crisis would strike terror into the hearts of people everywhere.

92.   Everyone laid the blame for the crisis on the government.

93.   Faced with a crisis, the Party united and threw its full weight behind the President.

94.   Finding a solution to the present crisis in the region is no easy task.

95.   For example your own columns continually describe Equitable as if it is bankrupt, in trouble, or in crisis.

96.   For it is in essence a political crisis without an economic crisis.

97.   For many years these precious tomes were kept in the Capitol by the Romans who consulted them in times of crisis.

98.   Foreign policy Foreign affairs during this period were dominated by the Gulf crisis.

99.   Former president Nixon strongly criticized Bush for failing to respond to the crisis in the republics with a massive aid program.

100.   Frequently a crisis is precipitated by some sudden change in health or behaviour, of the elderly person or a carer.

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