11.   A real injury crisis like this can devalue the game.

12.   A summit meeting of OPEC leaders was called to find a solution to the oil crisis.

13.   A violent, enduring mythology is activated to make sense of immediate socio-political crisis and fear.

14.   A well researched, highly readable account of the debt crisis.

15.   According to the organisers, both races rely on military assistance, which could not be guaranteed in the present crisis.

16.   Advisers said Arroyo will focus initially on reinvigorating the economy, battered by the political crisis.

17.   Against this backdrop, a crisis was brewing in Britain.

18.   Along with social and economic instability, they are among the main sources of crisis, loss of life and human misery.

19.   Along with the increased possibilities of a recession, the energy crisis was immediately followed by a new inflationary leap.

20.   Although that crisis seemed serious then, compared with the present threat to the world banking system, it was small beer.

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