31.   As the financial crisis deepened, the ownership of the paper changed.

32.   As the foot and mouth crisis deepens, so our ideas and values about the countryside change.

33.   As the standoff continued, the lull in the crisis provided the opportunity for a negotiated settlement, which Washington strongly favored.

34.   As we will soon see, the inability to make oneself understood properly was at the root of the crisis in Vicos.

35.   At present, however, the festivities seem light years away, having been eclipsed by a fiscal crisis of mammoth proportions.

36.   At the height of the crisis, Johnson had been besieged by liberal critics.

37.   At the same time it launched an ideological offensive launched to justify this approach to solving the crisis.

38.   At the same time, the net has helped relief agencies raise further awareness-and money-about crisis situations.

39.   Ben, as ever, has been the voice of reason throughout the whole crisis.

40.   Black and white imagery has been used in other company contexts at moments of crisis.

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