51.   But the escalating crisis May now force Western leaders to use military air power to protect relief efforts.

52.   But the fuel crisis was not all bad news for riders.

53.   But the necessary co-ordination is not politically feasible without a clear crisis.

54.   But the solution to every crisis seems to produce the seeds of the next.

55.   But there was more to it than coming out with the begging bowl because of a particular crisis.

56.   But when economic growth slowed and fiscal crisis hit, the equation changed.

57.   By last year the crisis had reached such proportions that Southern California introduced radical new regulations to control air pollution.

58.   By this time the Soviets had forced a crisis by blockading Berlin, and fears of war mounted.

59.   Campesinos are hard hit by the economic crisis and government forces have deliberately destroyed the livelihood of many subsistence farming families.

60.   Can he handle the crisis in our prisons?

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