71.   Despite the crisis, the Commission seems unwilling to act.

72.   Diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis have failed.

73.   Dulles tried to correct this before the next crisis came by signing up the allies in advance.

74.   During the crisis, France imposed an export ban on British beef.

75.   During the Middle Ages society suffered, as much as anything else, from an acute and prolonged crisis of confidence.

76.   Each has to resolve the crisis of the castration complex, but their ways of resolving that crisis will differ.

77.   Each of them is part and parcel of the turn-of-the-century crisis in the hegemony of the bourgeoisie.

78.   Each successive crisis in our history is mapped and each depends in a measure on the successful conclusion of the ones previous.

79.   Economic Decline is tangled up with political turmoil in a way that has made for a crisis of the constitution.

80.   Eisenhower, appearing as calm as ever, shrugged off what had not long before loomed as a crisis.

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