81.   Emergency admissions Admissions do not always take place in ideal circumstances, especially where a crisis has arisen.

82.   Emergency powers were needed to deal with the crisis situation.

83.   Europe could soon face an energy crisis.

84.   Europe may have to intervene militarily if the crisis worsens.

85.   European statesmen are meeting in Paris today to discuss the crisis in the Middle East.

86.   Even apparent moves by the regime to resolve the crisis turn out on closer inspection to be nothing of the kind.

87.   Even before the political crisis, the country had failed to meet its commitments to the World Trade Organization.

88.   Even if the government survives this crisis, they still face enormous problems.

89.   Even the peaceful resolution of the crisis at the end of February did not negate these objectives.

90.   Events were now reaching crisis point.

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