1.   A female chauvinist approach might be to describe men as a kind of afterthought in the scheme of existence.

2.   He described her comments as confused nonsense.

3.   He described the allegations as malicious falsehoods.

4.   In his autobiography he described his life as an explorer in some of the remotest parts of the earth.

5.   It would be a gross exaggeration to describe the film as a masterpiece, but it has some good moments.

6.   Police described the killer as a psychopath.

7.   She describes her grandfather as some one who has trouble expressing his feelings.

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use 8.80%
see 5.60%
describe 3.00%
identify 2.31%
take 2.16%
have 2.00%
view 1.97%
be 1.39%
make 1.38%
regard 1.27%
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