1.   Constantly he creates situations for which he can find no earthly solution and his characters encounter difficulties beyond their means to control.

2.   If difficulty is encountered, the normal result is that the input is disrupted in various ways.

3.   If they buy on credit are they likely to encounter difficulties in repaying the loan?

4.   Many of the children encountered some difficulty in learning the material.

5.   Permanent commissions for public spaces have encountered difficulties beyond the requirements of pleasing public taste and meeting civic budgets.

6.   Typical among them was the difficulty the Stagirite encountered in his attempt to explain the light emanating from the stars.

7.   Whitehall officials have encountered difficulties in Deciding which essential services to include.

8.   The talks, which encountered difficulties, were attended by the Bihar Tribal Welfare Minister, Karam Chand Bhagat, and representatives of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha.

9.   Repeated attempts to ascertain the cause of the disaster had encountered difficulties in obtaining information.

10.   For example, is the student is encountering difficulty in transposing a formula while clearly understanding the problem, then specific assistance is appropriate.

v. + difficulty >>共299
have 50.02%
face 9.00%
experience 2.78%
encounter 2.41%
cause 2.01%
overcome 1.99%
acknowledge 1.54%
underscore 1.23%
cite 1.21%
pose 1.05%
encounter + n. >>共748
problem 12.99%
resistance 8.98%
difficulty 5.71%
opposition 4.38%
trouble 2.40%
obstacle 1.38%
people 1.06%
turbulence 1.01%
man 0.92%
criticism 0.83%
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