1.   Although the company has faced financial difficulties, they do not intend to cut and run.

2.   But other authorities also face recruiting difficulties, which suggests that the problem extends beyond high living costs and poor pay.

3.   In adapting to this expanded role the auditor faces many difficulties.

4.   Income growth then will slow, companies will have less cash to buy back their stock and some will face financial difficulty.

5.   Intent on discovering a cure for a certain strain of influenza, Robert Shannon faces tremendous difficulties, both personal and professional.

6.   Their musicians, in common with everyone else, face undoubted difficulties but also some exciting possibilities.

7.   This much is perhaps to be expected from some one who faced insurmountable difficulties in coping with the work.

v. + difficulty >>共299
have 50.02%
face 9.00%
experience 2.78%
encounter 2.41%
cause 2.01%
overcome 1.99%
acknowledge 1.54%
underscore 1.23%
cite 1.21%
pose 1.05%
face + n. >>共753
charge 11.01%
problem 3.34%
competition 3.22%
challenge 3.13%
trial 2.93%
opposition 2.38%
pressure 2.10%
criticism 1.52%
life 1.47%
difficulty 1.41%
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