1.   I have no wish to get angry with my own invention, the so-named Miller.

2.   If you catch yourself worrying about money, then welcome the thought rather than fighting it, or getting angry with yourself.

3.   Somewhere close, somewhere -- yes!

4.   -- somewhere she was a child again, and Gaunt was pottering, and her father was getting angry with her antics...

5.   But he was really too tired, like everyone else, to get angry with Gesner.

6.   And I really got angry with our Angela.

7.   Although the baby grew up and helped some people, others got so angry with him that they killed him.

8.   But the movie is never so offensively fraudulent that you get angry with it.

9.   Get angry with God!

10.   He rarely cheers from the sidelines, and he never gets angry with his players.

v. + angry + with >>共9
be 81.62%
get 7.30%
become 5.95%
grow 1.89%
feel 1.08%
remain 1.08%
appear 0.54%
make 0.27%
stay 0.27%
get + angry + p. >>共11
at 36.46%
with 28.13%
about 13.54%
over 7.29%
after 5.21%
on 3.13%
for 2.08%
around 1.04%
as 1.04%
before 1.04%
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