1.   She identifies this figure as an aspect of the Goddess - water maiden.

2.   Sutton identified Tizhe as a customer who frequently came into the branch office to make large overseas wire transfers.

3.   We identify this morphology as types IV and V pancreatitis in our classification, these being nearly always encountered in cases of CBD stenosis in our experience.

4.   The Icelandic saga writer Snorri Sturluson was by the early thirteenth century calling this brother Eglaf, and identifying Ragnvald as earl of Vstergtland in Sweden.

5.   This makes it hard to claim categorically that there are no characteristically black features which might identify speakers as ethnic Caribbeans.

6.   A writer will not necessarily escape by criticising some members of a class, if other evidence serves to identify the plaintiff as a member of the criticised section.

7.   A WOMAN who suffered mysterious fits for five years before doctors identified the problem as epilepsy has started a support group to help others.

8.   And he identified poll tax dodgers as part of the problem.

9.   Although he identified Bishop as an athlete with the physical tools to play safety or wide receiver in the NFL, James said Bishop belongs at quarterback.

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see 5.60%
describe 3.00%
identify 2.31%
take 2.16%
have 2.00%
view 1.97%
be 1.39%
make 1.38%
regard 1.27%
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