1.   To help expatriates overcome differences in culture, their employers should issue them with briefing documents covering various points of concern.

2.   In order to overcome territorial differences, quotas may be established for individual regions, areas or salespeople.

3.   Ashkin said he believed the mother wants to cooperate, but they need to overcome cultural differences.

4.   But can NATO overcome its differences in peacekeeping doctrine?

5.   But in the end only Netanyahu and Arafat can overcome their differences.

6.   But still, how does one overcome differences that domestic citizens take very much to heart?

7.   Buzz and Woody must overcome their differences to escape intact and reunite with their true owner before Andy moves away.

8.   By allowing them to overcome their differences, the films reaffirmed the ideal of a classless society in which decency and hard work are paramount.

9.   Conventional wisdom says we negotiate to overcome the differences that divide us.

10.   Even when individual students overcome racial differences to form friendships, they often are defeated by the cliques that form on campus quads and in dining areas.

v. + difference >>共574
make 29.32%
resolve 7.08%
settle 3.38%
have 3.31%
see 2.52%
notice 2.44%
know 2.43%
tell 1.92%
find 1.66%
narrow 1.62%
overcome 1.58%
overcome + n. >>共857
problem 10.20%
obstacle 5.84%
difference 3.51%
fear 2.95%
difficulty 2.35%
resistance 2.22%
adversity 2.10%
hurdle 2.10%
opposition 1.96%
loss 1.71%
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