1.   But he could not overcome strong opposition from anti-abortion activists in the party.

2.   By her patience and charity she eventually overcame opposition and became the advisor and dearest friend of the whole household.

3.   He is confident in his ability to overcome all opposition with his personal charm.

4.   In each they struggled with considerable success to overcome that opposition.

5.   It took three years to overcome local opposition from environmentalists.

6.   Nothing he said could overcome their opposition.

7.   The government had to overcome isolationist opposition to the plan.

8.   American companies may overcome White House opposition to U.S. Export-Import Bank support for a controversial Chinese dam project.

9.   And Zedillo did not overcome internal opposition to selling key parts of the state-owned oil monopoly, Pemex.

10.   A coalition of business groups joined the administration to lobby for MFN, and that proved enough to overcome opposition from an unusual alliance of conservatives and liberals.

v. + opposition >>共741
face 13.00%
express 5.36%
voice 3.95%
drop 2.97%
lead 2.89%
draw 2.50%
reiterate 2.15%
meet 2.14%
accuse 1.84%
encounter 1.59%
overcome 1.42%
overcome + n. >>共857
problem 10.20%
obstacle 5.84%
difference 3.51%
fear 2.95%
difficulty 2.35%
resistance 2.22%
adversity 2.10%
hurdle 2.10%
opposition 1.96%
loss 1.71%
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