11.   However, if the business has regular customers the difficulty can be overcome by creating a global contract.

12.   JOHN Hawkridge, who has overcome remarkable difficulties and shown great strength and courage, will tell his story next week.

13.   Louis Malle is not the man you would choose to overcome these difficulties.

14.   Members of the Kent Team, with Pat Palmer and Elsie Streek, demonstrated Medau at the Super X Home and Leisure Show at Detling, overcoming unmentionable difficulties.

15.   Artificially reintroducing intact wolf packs might overcome that difficulty, some scientists believe, since packs tend to kill coyotes rather than breed with them.

16.   A Giordano joint venture in China would mark an effort by the company to overcome difficulties that have hampered its mainland expansion.

17.   Acura overcame the difficulties by using expensive, time-consuming processes for its NSX, which is built in low volumes.

18.   But to get at the roots of our problems these resources must be used to overcome structural difficulties that cannot be directly addressed by voluntary action alone.

19.   But value managers, being contrarians, expect these difficulties to be overcome relatively quickly.

20.   Even if all these difficulties were overcome, the accused official would have to be extradited to the United States for trial.

v. + difficulty >>共299
have 50.02%
face 9.00%
experience 2.78%
encounter 2.41%
cause 2.01%
overcome 1.99%
acknowledge 1.54%
underscore 1.23%
cite 1.21%
pose 1.05%
overcome + n. >>共857
problem 10.20%
obstacle 5.84%
difference 3.51%
fear 2.95%
difficulty 2.35%
resistance 2.22%
adversity 2.10%
hurdle 2.10%
opposition 1.96%
loss 1.71%
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