41.   The expert said that the public was generally forgiving so long as the celebrity involved seemed honest and serious about overcoming the difficulties.

42.   The team is united, and when this happens you can overcome difficulties.

43.   Their work overcame that difficulty, which had limited the growth of options trading.

44.   They said researchers must overcome the difficulty of obtaining large amounts of plasma to make such therapy practical in the future.

45.   To help overcome those difficulties, industry officials said, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has stationed agents in the offices of banks and security firms.

46.   To overcome these difficulties, the Navajos devised a code.

47.   What the two comedies do share is a triumphal plotline involving British eccentrics overcoming their difficulties through some form of putting on a show.

48.   Wilson remains unconvinced that the practical difficulties can be overcome.

49.   Yet thanks to a remarkable capacity for self-forgiveness, she manages to overcome these difficulties.

50.   Philippine President Fidel Ramos said in an opening speech Monday that Asian countries affected by the crisis can overcome their difficulties if they pursue reform and liberalization.

v. + difficulty >>共299
have 50.02%
face 9.00%
experience 2.78%
encounter 2.41%
cause 2.01%
overcome 1.99%
acknowledge 1.54%
underscore 1.23%
cite 1.21%
pose 1.05%
overcome + n. >>共857
problem 10.20%
obstacle 5.84%
difference 3.51%
fear 2.95%
difficulty 2.35%
resistance 2.22%
adversity 2.10%
hurdle 2.10%
opposition 1.96%
loss 1.71%
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