1.   Although these can be valuable instruments of environmental policy, the application of such requirements to imported products can pose significant difficulties.

2.   In the end, however, these drugs pose logistical difficulties for most poor countries because it is a high-maintenance therapy.

3.   It was all very well this fish menu, but it posed difficulties as most dishes had to be prepared today.

4.   Physical education and games pose difficulties for short-sighted children.

5.   The failure to reproduce the integrated economy poses diffIculties in predicting the trade pattern.

6.   It ought to be said that this particular extract poses more difficulties than the normal run of parish registers.

7.   Accordingly, monitoring the churning rule in practice poses significant difficulties for regulators.

8.   More difficulty is posed with the party arrangements.

v. + difficulty >>共299
have 50.02%
face 9.00%
experience 2.78%
encounter 2.41%
cause 2.01%
overcome 1.99%
acknowledge 1.54%
underscore 1.23%
cite 1.21%
pose 1.05%
pose + n. >>共186
threat 27.30%
problem 19.43%
risk 11.04%
danger 10.53%
question 9.18%
challenge 5.40%
hazard 1.98%
difficulty 1.37%
dilemma 1.27%
nude 0.91%
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