91.   But such a sale would be hotly contested by Beijing, which regards the island as a province separated from the mainland by civil war.

92.   But Suharto also understood that many Indonesians regarded Sukarno as a hero.

93.   But older theories in part blamed parents for the development of the eating disorder and regarded self-starvation as part of a larger battle over control and independence.

94.   But the Indians have a counter-tradition that regards the landing as the start of a brutal destruction of a people of an already existing world.

95.   But some utilities regard such information as proprietary and are reluctant to share it.

96.   But the former husband is an observant Roman Catholic and regards the embryos as human life that should be given a chance to live, his lawyer said Monday.

97.   Catholics, who are a minority here, regard the marches as the equivalent of a Ku Klux Klan march through a black neighborhood in America.

98.   China regards Taiwan as a province.

99.   Clinton regards the prime minister as a nonentity who heads a second-rate country that is of less and less significance to the United States.

100.   College officials regard the trend as evidence of a character flaw endemic to the boomers.

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