21.   Knowledgeable historians regard that story as pure fiction.

22.   He regards art critics as a bunch of pretentious aesthetes.

23.   Some army elements, however, regarded the changes as a move against those loyal to the President.

24.   The UK national culture seems to be anti-systems and engineers often regard standards as restrictions on their creativity rather than as an efficient means of communication.

25.   There is a tendency for some engineers to regard all standards as a constraint on their talent.

26.   The popes regarded the city as the capital of their duchy.

27.   Actually the evidence for regarding a clause as an E at all is rather equivocal.

28.   Some of the people I know regard Hackney as the sticks and half expect to see herds of grazing wildebeest when they come to visit me.

29.   St. P. J. Eymard, founder of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation, regarded the Eucharist as the fire which would set the whole world alight.

30.   One should regard the superego as a kind of critic built into the ego.

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