31.   Ageist policies are sometimes advocated on the basis of compassionate and humanitarian concerns -- perhaps one might regard this stance as reasoned ageism.

32.   Because some physicians regard IBS as a diagnosis of exclusion they feel compelled to exclude all organic disease.

33.   There are detailed provisions regarding the transfer of shares and regarding holding shares as nominee.

34.   But the real fact is if this council regards elderly persons homes as the priority it pretends then it has to be the first priority for that money.

35.   The Communist Party undoubtedly regarded the NUWM as its subsidiary.

36.   Aside from the fact that she regarded Travis as a friend too, there was her unspoken promise to Rosemary that she would look after him to consider.

37.   He says criminals now regard churches as easy targets.

38.   Dr Keith Munro said people regarded religion as a cause of division and argument, as a result of prejudice and misunderstanding.

39.   He regarded adolescence as a period of sexual apprenticeship.

40.   Consumers, says Mintel, regard quality as the totality of attributes of the product or service which combines to meet their needs and expectations.

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