41.   And when you, some people regard these things as panaceas.

42.   One survey reported that workers regard works councils as a part of management.

43.   Winning trainer Simon Dow regards the winner as a chaser in the making.

44.   Although this option is not spelled out in the Constitution, legislators regard censures as formal reprimands that carry no legal penalty and require only a majority vote.

45.   American farmers regard soil merely as a medium for providing nutrients and water, Huston said.

46.   Analysts say it has become increasingly clear that the economy has pulled back from what many regarded last winter as the brink of recession.

47.   And economists regard both companies as leading indicators showing a broad slowdown.

48.   And politicians are more likely to regard intellectuals as a liability than an asset.

49.   And the FAA regards La Guardia as a kind of bellwether.

50.   And the fact that they learn without fear and come to regard their classroom as an oasis from a rattling violence that lingers about them is a tremendous achievment.

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