51.   Apparently, he regarded the clippings as evidence that he was still a player.

52.   Around our house, my companion regards TV Guide as contraband.

53.   Ashcroft has said that he regards gay behavior as a sin because he believes that the Bible takes that view.

54.   At first the researchers regarded the layer as a nuisance.

55.   Asian countries regard Yasukuni as a symbol of Japanese militarism.

56.   At the same time, evangelical Christians who interpret the Bible literally regard Israel as a land given by God to the Jews.

57.   Because the retiring directors have presided over a critical period of accelerator physics, colleagues regard their passing as bench marks.

58.   Belin said he did not regard that finding as evidence of cause and effect.

59.   Besieged by American blockbusters, the French movie industry still regards Hollywood as its enemy.

60.   Black artists did not even regard photography as an art.

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