71.   A small, vivacious woman with silver-blond hair, Solomon was a forceful personality who regarded her artists as part of her family.

72.   According to Bicknell, more and more college coaches regard injured players as slackers.

73.   Abraham clearly does not regard the machine as the instrument of utopia.

74.   But at least one analyst said he regarded the earnings as good, noting a steady increase in cash flow.

75.   But he said they should regard diversity as a strength.

76.   But even when Repin has internalized a piece in time for the first performance, he regards any debut as the alpha rather than the omega of his journey.

77.   But in general, voters seem not to regard enormous wealth as a stigma.

78.   But it is still understandable that many poor families and their supporters would regard the program as a lifeline to save children from substandard public education.

79.   But he said he regarded the Algonquin as an investment and, as such, had no intention of changing its essential character.

80.   But it would be missing the point to regard this work as a return to modernism.

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