81.   But many environmentalists said they regarded the delay as an indication that the new administration was not serious about addressing the problem of arsenic.

82.   But Mandela knows that many in the unions -- and some senior figures in his own party -- regard such thinking as sacrilege.

83.   But no, not quite in the way people think, especially people who regard the Kama Sutra as a handbook of sexual gymnastics.

84.   But others regard my words as unfounded accusations, an attempt to shift blame and assign guilt.

85.   But people can be forgiven for regarding Potsdamer Platz as a continuation of the wall by capitalist means.

86.   But she, like the Zapatistas, regards Fox as a friend of the right, not the indigenous.

87.   But scientists everywhere, including those at the standards institute, regard measurement as the keystone of discovery.

88.   But many Mexican youths regard the PRI as the party that presided over decades of corruption and economic mismanagement.

89.   But she, like the Zapatistas, regards Fox as a friend of the rich, not the indigenous.

90.   But some blacks in Jackson regard Lynch as a hero and believe he is still buried at Greenwood.

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