1.   A consultant had urged the executives to view Texaco as a jar of different-colored jelly beans, each one unique and valuable.

2.   For its part, Pan Am must have viewed the girdle as a kind of modern-day chastity belt.

3.   It views writing essays not as a series of isolated events but as the dynamic process of developing a skill.

4.   Loyal party followers viewed Deri as a scapegoat in the scandal for both Likud Party operatives and the legal establishment.

5.   Many bosses view secretaries as no more than glorified typists.

6.   Many other directors also began to view such demands as an imposition upon their artistic freedom.

7.   Rather, it viewed its role as the conscience of a popular political revolution.

8.   Some scientists view all religion as superstition.

9.   The cultural transmission concept of development views the mind as a machine.

10.   The West now viewed his government as a satellite in a monolithic Soviet empire.

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describe 3.00%
identify 2.31%
take 2.16%
have 2.00%
view 1.97%
be 1.39%
make 1.38%
regard 1.27%
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