beautiful 78.72% Beautiful terrace restaurant.
    most beautiful 4.81% You have the most beautiful smile.
    so beautiful 0.91% It was so beautiful.
    very beautiful 0.88% It is very beautiful.
    more beautiful 0.67% What could be more beautiful.
    how beautiful 0.65% How beautiful is that?
    quite beautiful 0.30% They can be quite beautiful.
    incredibly beautiful 0.30% The scenery was incredibly beautiful.
    strikingly beautiful 0.28% Two strikingly beautiful green jays.
    not beautiful 0.28% Today, everything is not beautiful.
    really beautiful 0.27% Is money really beautiful?
    stunningly beautiful 0.26% At other times, she was stunningly beautiful.
    still beautiful 0.24% Of course, she is still beautiful.
    breathtakingly beautiful 0.21% FOOTNOTE The film is breathtakingly beautiful, but the pace is much too slow for most children.
    hauntingly beautiful 0.20% Still, it is hauntingly beautiful.
    as beautiful 0.18% But will this house be as beautiful?
    absolutely beautiful 0.17% It is absolutely beautiful.
    ruggedly beautiful 0.17% ...a ruggedly beautiful wilderness.
    once beautiful 0.16% A place at once beautiful and horrible.
    even beautiful 0.16% These are fine, even beautiful things.
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