the book 23.74% Did you find the book useful?
    books 12.48% The box was crammed with books.
    a book 5.09% You choose a book.
    the books 4.63% On top of the books!
    this book 4.31% Have you read this book?
    his book 3.11% Gummer put away his book.
    her book 1.48% She picked up her book.
    his books 1.21% He got to plug his books.
    their books 0.88% Interactive, they call their books.
    her books 0.65% Her books are quite widely read.
    these books 0.61% I have these books.
    its books 0.55% Its books look good.
    that book 0.44% Did you have that book?
    the history books 0.42% Rewrite the history books.
    both books 0.41% Both books float.
    my book 0.39% Read my book!
    the record books 0.38% Close the record books.
    a new book 0.33% I need a new book.
    several books 0.33% Several books say yes.
    his new book 0.30% So he wrote his new book.
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