this excellent book 0.02% This excellent book will be a welcome addition to the library of any student.
    a book of short stories 0.02% The next, she writes a book of short stories.
    wine books 0.02% Nobody reads wine books.
    a new book out 0.02% He also has a new book out.
    books to read 0.02% She had lists and lists of books to read.
    business books 0.02% Wisnia, a writer and editor of business books, pumps out words.
    a great book 0.02% But it is a great book.
    her own books 0.02% Ms. Godoff will also continue to acquire and edit her own books.
    fewer books 0.02% Fewer books will be published.
    harry potter books 0.02% Barnstone replies when asked if he has read Harry Potter books.
    a book of poems 0.02% He compiled a book of poems.
    science books 0.02% A lot of science books deal only with evolution.
    the library books 0.02% The library books are overdue.
    books like this 0.02% Books like this easily are overlooked.
    medical books 0.02% The company publishes medical books and journals.
    briefing books 0.02% The governor prefers oral presentations to leafing through briefing books.
    the islamic holy book 0.02% The Koran is the Islamic holy book.
    different books 0.02% Different parents start with different books.
    certain books 0.02% Certain books tell me certain stories.
    open books 0.02% As he worked, he surrounded himself with open books and memorized Shakespeare.
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