two books 0.29% He wrote two books.
    history books 0.28% So do history books.
    the new book 0.27% The new book has a broader scope.
    book 0.25% Book Reviews ....
    the record book 0.25% He was the record book.
    their book 0.24% And so they wrote their book.
    another book 0.22% That is another book.
    new books 0.21% Neither guide lists new books.
    each book 0.21% At least one from each book.
    your book 0.21% You lost your book!
    my books 0.19% And so were all of my books.
    some books 0.19% So do some books.
    electronic books 0.17% Electronic books and magazines are trendy.
    her new book 0.17% This is her new book.
    other books 0.16% I read other books.
    the rule book 0.15% Invoke the rule book.
    three books 0.14% Has written three books.
    more books 0.13% Get more books!
    rare books 0.13% Rare books also appreciate in value.
    such books 0.13% Such books are not hard to find.
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