one book 0.13% I have one book.
    the two books 0.11% The two books are written differently.
    those books 0.11% I still have those books.
    many books 0.11% Of making lists of many books there is no end.
    his latest book 0.11% His latest book is inspirational.
    his next book 0.11% His next book will be about Rembrandt.
    the first book 0.11% The first book ends here.
    self-help books 0.11% Read self-help books.
    art books 0.09% She also likes art books.
    his own book 0.09% He had bowdlerized his own book.
    an address book 0.09% An address book keeps track of mailing lists.
    religious books 0.09% Religious books also sell well.
    library books 0.09% They vandalise library books.
    four books 0.09% I chose four books.
    his first book 0.08% His first book is a best-seller at home.
    coloring books 0.08% He colored in coloring books.
    writing books 0.07% Writing books can be risky in politics.
    no books 0.07% They had no books.
    the harry potter books 0.07% Once there was a girl who refused to read the Harry Potter books.
    school books 0.07% I want kids to put down their guns and pick up school books.
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