her first book 0.07% This is her first book.
    old books 0.07% People still read old books.
    such a book 0.07% Such a book is long overdue.
    the book itself 0.07% The book itself is a work of art.
    every book 0.07% Every book alters this blend.
    a book about it 0.06% Wrote a book about it.
    a paperback book 0.06% It is about half the size of a paperback book.
    the address book 0.06% The address book is now much friendlier.
    the second book 0.06% The second book will be a memoir.
    best-selling books 0.06% WITGH GRAPHIC on best-selling books.
    all the books 0.05% We read all the books.
    five books 0.05% He wrote five books.
    reading books 0.05% This goes beyond reading books.
    your books 0.05% Get to your books!
    law books 0.05% Law books were burned.
    two new books 0.05% Two new books will show you how.
    the same book 0.05% Elsewhere in the same book she gives another date.
    her next book 0.05% I look forward to her next book.
    seven books 0.05% I had my bag with seven books.
    your address book 0.05% Forward this to everyone in your address book.
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