six books 0.05% She has published six books.
    great books 0.05% I like great books.
    the beige book 0.05% The beige book will help inform their discussion.
    this new book 0.05% This new book consists of three essays.
    new book 0.05% New book outlines your rights.
    a book of poetry 0.05% A book of poetry is on the best-seller list.
    any book 0.05% --Any book involving road kill.
    the whole book 0.04% What finish the whole book?
    selling books 0.04% Others say it is all for the purpose of selling books.
    address book 0.04% But it combines a calendar, address book and e-mail which work almost seamlessly together.
    travel books 0.04% ...a writer of travel books.
    online book 0.04% The slowdown in online book sales is not just at
    address books 0.04% Police confiscated computers, cell phones, address books, maps and notes.
    all three books 0.04% Below are all three books.
    popular books 0.04% It is rendered visible by a picketline of popular books.
    the guest book 0.04% Just read the guest book.
    my address book 0.04% It serves as my address book.
    a single book 0.04% She said many do not own a single book.
    their own books 0.04% Some towns are even publishing their own books.
    a condolence book 0.04% She got to sign a condolence book.
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