these two books 0.04% These two books are good backups for Child.
    the next book 0.04% The next book will be out next January.
    the holy book 0.04% Never throw the holy book away.
    an open book 0.04% I am an open book.
    no book 0.04% No book is available.
    a recently published book 0.04% He confessed to the bombing in a recently published book.
    a few books 0.04% A few books have avoided the trap.
    all books 0.04% He tends to idolize all books.
    text books 0.04% Text books extol his virtues and victories.
    the resulting book 0.04% She was agreeable, as is the resulting book.
    the new books 0.04% North Korea also condemned the new books.
    electronic book 0.04% Like Franklin, they see their activities as electronic book publishing.
    a recent book 0.04% Excerpts of their experiences from a recent book.
    the form book 0.04% Other matches followed the form book.
    books on the subject 0.04% Store shelves are stocked with books on the subject.
    his own books 0.04% He also is writing his own books.
    holy books 0.04% Mosques and holy books are desecrated.
    most books 0.03% Size is overlooked in most books.
    his previous books 0.03% All of his previous books were collections.
    her latest book 0.03% Her latest book turned out to be a real dog.
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