his second book 0.03% Newman is working on his second book.
    a book on the subject 0.03% She is writing a book on the subject.
    a guest book 0.03% A guest book is filled with names.
    digital books 0.03% Its plans call for additional stores that sell music, movies and digital books.
    books on tape 0.03% So are books on tape.
    a tell-all book 0.03% She never wrote a tell-all book.
    printed books 0.03% It is not necessarily better than printed books, nor need it supplant them.
    few books 0.03% There are few books, no paper.
    our books 0.03% We open our books.
    used books 0.03% The Internet market for used books has had a banner year.
    a history book 0.03% Two little paragraphs in a history book.
    her second book 0.03% The project is her second book.
    a best-selling book 0.03% One went on to write a best-selling book.
    all these books 0.03% And yet, we have all these books.
    his other books 0.03% His other books are completely different.
    guide books 0.03% Guide books call them charming.
    diet books 0.03% Americans love to buy diet books.
    an entire book 0.03% That premise alone is grounds for an entire book.
    any books 0.03% Downloaded any books?
    the other books 0.03% The other books have proven a bit more elusive.
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