the original book 0.03% Nevertheless, the soul of the original book remains.
    a coloring book 0.03% Christina works word puzzles in a coloring book.
    all his books 0.03% All his books are out of print.
    so many books 0.03% Statistics tell us that never before have so many books been published and sold.
    a second book 0.03% Koon is working on a second book.
    inspirational books 0.03% That simple formula has transformed the way people are reading inspirational books.
    illustrated books 0.03% He looked through illustrated books.
    hardcover books 0.03% Getting a traditional set of hardcover books would have cost about the same.
    a book about the case 0.03% She is working on a book about the case.
    more than a dozen books 0.03% He has written more than a dozen books.
    paperback books 0.03% Games are like paperback books.
    code books 0.03% They included code books and a poison suicide capsule.
    nonfiction books 0.03% De Camp also wrote historical novels and a variety of nonfiction books.
    how-to books 0.03% He also bought a batch of how-to books.
    previous books 0.03% Monk and Hester have always seemed a little too brittle in previous books.
    a book about his experi... 0.03% He has written a book about his experiences.
    gift books 0.03% Gift books are easier to receive than give.
    the muslim holy book 0.03% The Quran is the Muslim holy book.
    nine books 0.02% He has written nine books.
    the law books 0.02% Forget the law books, they told Dennis.
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