the entire book 0.02% The entire book is electrified.
    the books themselves 0.02% In fact, not all candidates write the books themselves.
    his best-selling book 0.02% This was a suggestion that de Bono had made in his best-selling book the Six Thinking Hats.
    eight books 0.02% Dertouzos wrote eight books.
    the log book 0.02% The captain had made a few notes in the log book.
    neither book 0.02% Neither book made the list.
    a book of condolences 0.02% Many signed a book of condolences.
    banned books 0.02% Diego lures the young man home with the promise of banned books.
    condolence books 0.02% Hundreds also flocked to Harrods department store to sign condolence books.
    his last book 0.02% He sent McMahan a copy of his last book.
    the book fair 0.02% The book fair runs through Thursday.
    all her books 0.02% She liked it the best of all her books.
    rare book 0.02% The announcement is causing excitement among the rarefied world of rare book collectors and scholars.
    her earlier books 0.02% Or at least this is what she has done in her earlier books.
    book in advance 0.02% Groups please book in advance.
    their books for the year 0.02% Trading was quiet as many traders already have closed their books for the year.
    the sports books 0.02% It was a royal pain for the sports books.
    numerous books 0.02% Mujica authored numerous books.
    these three books 0.02% These three books have more in common than their subtitles.
    the book for you 0.02% This is the book for you!
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