price increase 16.52   But prices have increased.
    company increase 15.14   The company has increased the price of its cars.
    government increase 14.94   The government will also increase the penalties for infractions.
    rate increase 14.22   The prison murder rate has increased.
    number increase 12.90   The number will increase.
    sale increase 10.86   Sales increased.
    cloud increase 7.97   Clouds will increase later Thursday.
    cost increase 7.70   But costs have also increased.
    pressure increase 7.64   Such pressure is increasing.
    tension increase 7.64   Tensions are increasing.
    demand increase 7.24   Loan demand increased.
    violence increase 5.73   Violence increased.
    production increase 5.20   Production is increasing.
    bill increase 5.13   Household gas bills have increased dramatically.
    activity increase 4.94   The activity may soon increase.
    police increase 4.67   And local police increased their patrols.
    dollar increase 4.02   A rising dollar increases the profitability of Japanese exports.
    crime increase 3.95   Crime increased.
    revenue increase 3.75   Government revenues increased.
    competition increase 3.55   And competition has increased.
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